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The Top 10 Gaming Desks for Awesome Gameplay

Find a good, cheap gaming desk from our top 10 list that offers a selection of gaming-enhanced features, functionality and killer looks that mean you work hard and play hard.

Choosing an affordable gaming desk for your study or office kills two birds with one stone by providing a dual-purpose work-space (during office hours) and convenient play area after hours.

Best Gaming Desks Roundup

Work hard and play hard with these top gaming computer desks.

VIT 47″ Ergonomic Gaming Desk

T-Shaped gaming desk with full desk mouse pad and USB gaming handle rack, stand cup holder, and headphone hook

Fan Favorite

  • Gameplay

    The huge playing surface is finely textured with thousands of microscopic, high-intensity light reflecting points for highly responsive mouse tracking.

    Sleek Design

    A sleek design in red trim offsets the Carbon fiber black to deliver a solid, powerful presence that compliments the solid steel frame.

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  • L-Shape

    Benefit from a larger gaming surface to store a wide array of monitors, PCs and gaming accessories.


    Enjoy plenty of space for multiple monitors or even a dual gaming and office workstation.

To help you find a computer desk with the perfect mix of gaming and work we’ve scoured hundreds of desks focusing on those that deliver serious value for money and included only ones that are both popular (i.e. have sold very well) and have been extremely well reviewed by their owners (from noobs to die-hard gamers).

1. Vitesse Gaming Desk Racing Style

Vitesse’s Racing Style Gaming Desk offers a good, wide space (55″) that can handle up to 3 monitors (if required). Plenty of legroom and plenty of desk space make this a great option for a single desk home office work-space.


  • Large Mouse Pad
  • Cup Holder
  • USB Gaming Handle Rack
  • Headphone Hook
  • Height:28.5″
  • Weight: 60lbs
  • Max Capacity: 260lbs

Apart from the main features you’d expect from a decent gaming table, like cup holders and headphone hook, the Vitesse also comes with four leveling feet that let you ensure the desktop is perfectly flat even on uneven floors.

What People Say

Top of the list for this table is the quality manufacturing, making this a super sturdy table despite the fact that there is some assembly required. The vast majority of people found it quick and easy to put together – with a bit of common sense. A good, all-round value for money table.

2. Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

Arozzi’s Arena provides a large wide (5’3″) attractively curved, Swedish designed surface that boasts a wide range of features to enhance comfort and play. Close attention to detail helps set this table apart.


  • Deep Table Surface
  • Cable Management System
  • Mousepad Surface
  • Height Adjustment & Leg Stabilization
  • Colors – Red, Green, Blue, Black & White

14 square feet of mousepad on a deep curved surface make this table a unique way to play quickly and responsively. Oh, and the mousepad surface is water resistant and washable. Just in case.

What People Say

A few reviews pointed to the fact that the table had a bit of a wobble. However, great customer service seemed to crop up often too. In fact, a few reviewers pointed out that correct tightening of the feet eliminates any wobble completely. Practically everyone loves the mousepad surface.

3. Atlantic Gaming Original Gaming-Desk Pro

Atlantic’s Gaming Desk Pro is a feature rich table that will help manage clutter and keep your work-space organized. Above and beyond the usual features it comes with a storage tray and a charging station for smartphones and tablets.


  • 2 Cable Management Slots
  • Front Storage Tray
  • 2 Speaker Stands
  • 1 Cup Holder
  • 2 Controller Hooks
  • Power Strip Tray

While this table is slightly smaller than many of the others in this list, its compact size combined with a host of great storage elements makes it the perfect offering for small home offices.

What People Say

Sturdy with an attractive carbon fiber laminated top are among the most common praise for this desk. Reviewers also loved all the thoughtful little touches that make using the table a pleasure – from the conveniently place cup holder to the rear power strip holder.

4. Sedeta Gaming Desk

Sedeta’s gaming desk is another feature packed offering on a reasonably compact frame (47″ width) with a built-in monitor stand to raise the screen to a comfortable height about the keyboard and mouse.

One of my favorite features is the easy-to-clean surface. A simple duster cloth will suffice as dirt won’t stick to the super smooth surface.


  • PC Stand Shelf
  • Power Strip
  • USB Cup Holder
  • Headphone Hook
  • Grommet Power Strip
  • Built-In Hutch

Strategic design means that your workstation stays well ordered and uncluttered without the need to climb under the table to manage cords, etc.

What People Say

Great quality for the price and quality materials are common praise. Easy construction and some really useful features – like the USB ports and power outlets – make this a great cheap gaming table that’s light on space and the wallet.

5. Large Carbon Fiber Computer Gaming Desk

A 2 month worry-free warranty and friendly customer service make this a great option for anyone wanting a modern, sleek, cutting-edge look for their home office. With an uncluttered surface this desk is a great crossover as an office or writing table.


  • Z-Shaped Design
  • Cup Holder
  • Headphone Holder
  • Double Cable Management Grommets
  • 200 lbs Capacity
  • Adjustable Leg Pads

The Z-shape design of the legs combined with adjustable pads makes this one of the more stable, sturdier options that can support plenty of weight to carry everything you need on the decently sized top.

A great options for anyone who wants to add a sleek, modern twist to their home office.

What People Say

Many people commented on the sturdy and stable design offered by the steel legs and Z-shape design. A lot of people also commented on the legroom, saying that the table is suitable for taller people. Sturdiness and value for money were among the highest rated characteristics.

6. Tangkula Gaming Desk

Tangkula’s gaming desk is a more compact offering at only 36″ width. That said, it still comes packed with plenty of space saving and productivity features to keep your workspace neat, tidy and efficient.


  • Monitor Stand Shelf
  • Cup Holder
  • Headphone Holder
  • 3 AC outlets
  • 2 USB Ports

Cleaning the desk is easy thanks to it’s smooth surface – a quick wipe with a dust cloth from time to time will be enough. Perfect for an easy to setup home office that doesn’t take a lot of space.

What People Say

Sturdiness and value for money are arguably the two standout features of this desk. The fact that many people found it to be big enough to fit everything they needed despite being smaller than most other desks indicates it is a good option as a dual use space-saving desk.

7. VIT 44″ Ergonomic Gaming Desk

VIT’s Ergonomic Gaming Desk is a feature packed, sturdy desk with a solid steel frame that can handle up to 260 lbs load.

At the time of writing VIT’s Ergonomic Gaming Desk has a nearly perfect review record with over 98% of reviews coming in at four out of five stars or higher.


  • Smart Gaming Handle Rack
  • 4 USB Ports
  • 260 lbs Capacity
  • Cup Holder
  • Headphone Holder
  • Storage tray
  • Cable Grommets

A full one year warranty means you are entitled to replacement parts for any quality problem, making this desk arguably one of the safest investments you’ll make for your work from home business.

What People Say

No rear cross bar means that there is as much legroom as you could possibly want. The absence of flashy lights also makes this a sensible option for people who want to spend more time working and less time engaged in virtual battle. Most people love it because it is small, durable and stable.

8. EUREKA Ergonomic Z2 Gaming Desk

EUREKA’s Z2 Gaming Desk sports the extra stable Z-shape leg design among a host of other high end features such as retractable cup and headphone holders plus an ergonomic keyboard tray.


  • Power Strip Storage
  • 2 Wire Management Trays
  • Cup Holder
  • Headphone Hook
  • Inclined Keyboard Tray
  • Concealed Storage Box

One of the coolest features that will appeal to the gamer in you is the RGB light show that plugs into your PC or console to produce a dynamic light show for an authentic gaming experience.

What People Say

Plenty of people commented on how easy the table is to assemble, how sturdy it is and how much they enjoyed the RGB lights. The F1 inspired stabilizers allowed the designers to remove the rear cross-bar, meaning there is plenty of leg space and support for aggressive gaming.

9. Tribesigns 55″ Large Gaming Desk

Tribesigns’s 55″ Large Gaming Desk provides plenty of room for multiple monitors of decent size. Perfect for anyone working in graphic design, photography or visual media.

At the time of writing Tribesigns’s 55″ Large Gaming Desk has pretty much a perfect review record with 100% of reviews at either four or five out of five.


  • Monitor Stand Riser
  • Stable K Shape Leg Design
  • Cup Holder
  • Headphone Holder
  • Under-Top Storage Tray
  • Cable Management Grommet

To complement it’s well liked customer service, this table also comes with an 18 month warranty – the longest of any of the gaming desks in our list.

What People Say

While there aren’t a lot of reviews of this table, comments focused on the sturdy design and great customer support. Combined with the 18 month warranty this is a great buy for peace of mind.

10. AuAg 60″ Gaming Desk

At 60″ AuaG’s gaming desk is up there as one of the widest tabletops in our list, falling only a few inches short of the Arozzi Arena. Plus it’s extra deep giving it a huge surface area with a thick, full mousepad cover to provide comfort during heavy gaming sessions.


  • Heavy Duty Base
  • Cup holder
  • P2 Standard Carbon Fiber Board
  • Headphone Hook
  • 2 Cable Grommets
  • Full Mousepad
  • 4 Levelling feet

This is the gaming desk you want if you value comfort. Stretch out and fit under the desk in your super cool gaming chair – 30″ of clearance – or push back the monitor to a comfortable distance with the extra 4″ of depth over standard desks this size.

What People Say

For such a big desk, most people found it surprisingly easy to assemble and very sturdy. While it is quite heavy it does have pads at the bottom to ensure it won’t damage your floors. Great as the comfort option for gaming and a casual option for office work.

So that’s our round up of the best gaming desk for home offices. Hopefully it’s helped you decide on the right type of desk and the perfect make and model to suit your budget while delivering the functionality needed to make working (and playing) from home a breeze.