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10 Great Storage Sheds for an Organized Backyard

Our list of the top 10 storage sheds provide affordable storage to help declutter your home and keep garden and household equipment safe and secure.

Top Storage Shed Roundup

Check out the best storage sheds to keep expensive sports, home and garden tools and equipment safe and dry while helping to organize your lifestyle.

Keter Manor 6 x 8 Ft. Resin Outdoor Storage Shed

Keter's Manor 6 x 8 Ft. Resin Outdoor Storage Shed is an attractive and extremely durable outdoor shed that won't rust, rot or ever need to be painted.

Smart Choice

  • Solid

    The polypropylene resin plastic material is finished with an attractive wood like texture with steel reinforcing for added strength and durability.


    A skylight lets in natural light while the window and vents allow air to circulate to keep the interior light and breezy and free of must and excess damp.

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If, like me, you occasionally decide to spring clean the house only to find there’s simply not enough room to store everything, an attractive outdoor shed is the perfect answer.

Keep expensive power tools and outdoor equipment such as leaf blowers, power washers, robot mowers, etc, safe and secure when not in use – and out of sight to reduce clutter around the house.

A decent shed also help keep everything organized and in one place so you don’t waste time hunting down parts and accessories every time a new chore pops up.

Extra storage (that’s safe, dry and clean) can help earn a bit of additional income. Rent out unused space to locals using a neighborhood notice board or online forum.

As you’ll see from our top 10 list of the best storage sheds, there’s a diverse range of options from small storage boxes to larger sheds with plenty of space.

To help you choose the right one we’ve focused on units that have proven to deliver excellent value for money – over a range of price points. Only sheds that are super popular, with overwhelmingly positive reviews are included.

1. Rubbermaid Outdoor Plastic Shed 7 x 3 Ft.

Rubbermaid’s Outdoor Plastic Shed, in maple and sandstone, offers a good size, highlight customizable storage space of 147 Cu. Ft. without taking up too much room.


  • Double-wall construction for added strength
  • Leak, dent, and weather-resistant
  • Heavy duty plastic and impact resistant flooring
  • Lockable double doors
  • 95″ height x 84″ width x 42″ depth

A nice, wide double door entry makes it easy to dip in and out of your storage without having to move stuff around every time.

Be warned, while it isn’t tough to assemble it is best assembled as a two person team.

What People Say

With nearly 600 positive reviews there are plenty of happy owners to go around. Many felt the assembly was extremely quick and easy given the size of the shed – provided it’s done correctly. Overall people feel that it’s a good quality, sturdy shed that is best suited for a level spot in a garage or up against the house where it won’t take the brunt of rain storms as horizontal rain can leak in.

2. KETER Manor 4 x 6 Ft. Resin Outdoor Storage Shed

Keter’s Manor Shed is an attractive, some might say quaint looking, outdoor shed that is rugged and durable enough to protect your goods and equipment for years to come.


  • Exterior: 51. 2″ width x 75. 6″ depth x 78″ height
  • Interior: 43. 7″ width x 69. 7″ depth x 74. 8″ height
  • Storage capacity of 131. 8 Cu. Ft.
  • Polypropylene resin plastic & steel reinforced to ensure durability
  • Never needs painting
  • Weather-resistant, waterproof and UV protected
  • Skylight and window to let in natural light & vented for air circulation
  • Stylish wood-like texture

This is a great option for smaller yards that need to be frugal with space.

Despite it’s small footprint, there’s enough room to store a push lawn mower as well as yard and garden tools. Alternatively, store a few bikes, or even patio furniture.

What People Say

Most reviewers were delighted with the space they got out of this medium-large sized shed. One owner reported fitting in 3 bikes as well as 9 foldable chairs with plenty of room for more stuff. A very popular and well liked option with only one hitch – assembly can be time consuming and take more than one person.

3. LIFETIME 8 x 10 Ft. Outdoor Storage Shed

Lifetime’s Outdoor Storage Shed is a convenient addition to any backyard and boasts a number of great features to ensure your valuables are well protected, secure and easy to access.


  • Low maintenance design
  • High density polyethylene construction
  • Advanced door slider latch
  • UV-protected
  • Stain resistant exterior
  • Wood-grain floor
  • Heavy-duty steel trusses provide additional roof strength
  • High-pitched roof allows for quick drainage of rain and snow
  • Customizable shelving and storage system
  • Full length ridge skylight

For households with larger storage needs this is a perfect fit. As a standalone shed that may be exposed to some pretty rough elements the shatterproof windows are an important touch (i.e. protection against hail storms).

Here’s a handy tip,

Ensure you have a good, solid and level foundation before assembly.

What People Say

Most reviewers were happy with the stylish attractive appeal of the shed (and getting compliments from their neighbours) as well as the great quality materials and sturdy design. Again, like with many larger self assembled items, putting it together is a job for a small team (family, or local handymen).

4. Rubbermaid Storage Shed 5 x 2 Ft.

Rubbermaid’s Storage Shed is perfectly designed to store long handled tools and gas canisters, or fit it out with shelving to make a wide range of tools easily accessible whenever you need ’em.


  • Tough, double-walled construction
  • Impact-resistant floor
  • Leak-resistant
  • Dent-resistant
  • Weather-resistant
  • Two-person assembly
  • 77″ height x 55″ width x 28″ depth

This is a great option for storing lots of different, small items because it is so versatile on the inside. Custom configure the interior with a selection of pegboards, shelves and/or racks to store everything perfectly.

What People Say

Self assembly products tend to garner a lot of negative reviews. This shed bucks the trend with some senior citizens sharing how quick and easy it is to assemble. A lot of reviewers storing chicken (and other animal) feed commented on how well it protects against wet, inclement weather without leaking.

5. The YardStash IV Outdoor Storage Shed Tent

The YardStash IV Storage Shed Tent is the perfect answer for families requiring portable, lightweight storage – especially cyclists – that’s super quick and easy to assemble and disassemble.


  • More affordable, versatile and portable than similarly sized plastic, wood and metal sheds.
  • Thick, heavy duty, weatherproof, tear proof, and UV fade proof vinyl tarpaulin
  • Superior durability against UV damage
  • 74″ width x 32″ depth x 68″ height
  • Fits two adult bikes with room to spare
  • Integrated floor to stash hard to store stuff like long handled garden tools, furniture cushions, bicycles, lawnmowers, coolers, pool toys & more
  • Quick & easy set-up and take down (less than 10 minutes and no tools required)
  • Rugged large rubber tabbed top and bottom zippers with storm flaps for easy access and full protection against water, dust, and pests.
  • Sealed seams and a new patented snow shedding roof design
  • Front mesh vent to eliminate condensation
  • Back Velcro panel for locking bikes to a fence or pole
  • Bottom & back eyelets to attach to ground, fence and/or wall for protection from wind
  • Free carrying bag

If you’re in the market for more affordable storage this could be the answer. Despite having a significantly smaller price tag, you’ll still be able to rely on year-round protection thanks to the heavy duty vinyl tarpaulin.

What People Say

With over 80% of reviews awarding this four or five out of five stars, the YardStash IV is one of the most well-liked smaller storage options we could find. It’s highly popular with adventurous people who love outdoor holidays and camping. Many owners expressed their relief that it stood up to some pretty harsh wind and rain (sometimes on the same afternoon it was installed).

6. Suncast 6 x 4 Ft. Glidetop Horizontal Storage Shed

Suncast’s Glidetop Horizontal Storage Shed comes with a reinforced floor that makes it a great option for heavy duty items like garbage bins, gas cans, or lawn mowers.


  • Multi-walled polypropylene resin panels
  • Long lasting strength and stability
  • Heavy-duty floor designed to withstand abuse
  • Glidetop Slide Lid technology provides seamless, corner to corner access
  • Padlock hasp to lock doors securely

The glidetop slide lid is what sets this shed apart from others. While large double doors allow for easy access, being able to slide the lid away to access items right at the back of the shed is a great usability feature.

The perfect option for larger storage requirements where there may be height restrictions – i.e. HOA rules.

What People Say

With over 80% of reviews weighing in at 5 out of 5 stars, this is one of the best reviewed sheds on the market. Easy to install and holds a surprisingly large amount of stuff – lawn mower, snow blower, weed whacker, etc – while still remaining relatively unobtrusive.

7. Keter Factor 8 x 6 Ft. Large Resin Outdoor Shed

Keter’s Factor Large Resin Outdoor Shed provides plenty of space for people who demand more than static storage.

If you’re going to be spending some time in the shed being handy this might the one to consider.


  • Exterior: 101″ width x 71.5″ depth x 95.5″ height
  • Interior: 93″ width x 64″ depth x 94″ height
  • 285 Cu. Ft. storage capacity
  • Polypropylene resin plastic construction
  • Steel reinforcement
  • Weather-resistant
  • Waterproof
  • UV protected
  • Skylight to let in natural light
  • Vented for air circulation
  • Zero Maintenance

With a long skylight, there’s plenty of natural light to work with. Plus adjustable brackets and two included shelves mean you’ll have plenty of space to hang and organize tools.

What People Say

Quite a few people commented on how easy and sturdy it was to walk around in despite their height and weight making this a good default option for anyone over 6′. More than a few owners were also relieved to find no leaks after experiencing heavy rain and snow.

8. Kinying Horizontal Storage Shed

Kinying’s Horizontal Storage Shed is a stylish smaller shed that can be fitted with laminate shelving for convenient storage of smaller items that still need proper protection from the elements.


  • 50″ width x 29.1″ depth x 41″ height
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Flip open cover
  • Double doors
  • Two latches can be fitted with a lock
  • Durable
  • Anchor to the ground
  • Weather resistant resin

For more modest storage needs this is a great shed for storing and organizing a range of items, from barbecues to trash cans, boxes or even bikes.

It’s small enough to use both indoors and outdoors and could be the perfect addition to your garage.

What People Say

With more than 70% of ratings at five out of five stars this shed is good quality and easy to assemble by one person – although it will take a little time. Overall people felt this was the perfect option for storing plenty of tools, or one or two larger items, out of the rain (even in some fairly storms).

9. Rubbermaid Small Horizontal Storage Shed

Rubbermaid’s Small Horizontal Storage Shed is extremely sturdy and weather resistant and can be customized internally by adding a shelf if needs be (the shelf is sold separately).


  • Tough, double-walled construction
  • Impact-resistant floor
  • 34″ height x 55″ width x 28″ depth
  • Will not rot or rust like metal or wood sheds
  • Easy assembly
  • 1-shelf capacity (sold separately)
  • 18 Cu. Ft.
  • Hasp to attach lock for security

What’s nice about this unit is that while the walls are double layered, they are also hollow making it nice and lightweight. Something to think about if you need to relocate your storage from time to time.

What People Say

Most positive reviews revolve around the sturdy design and the fact that the shed lasts well despite some pretty rough usage. A lot of reviewers also enjoyed being able to swing both doors open and open up the lid for quick and easy access to everything inside. A few noted that it can be a bit of a pain to have to lift the lid slightly to open the doors.

10. Suncast Vertical Utility Shed

Suncast’s Vertical Utility Shed offers plenty of storage space with a tiny footprint (2 x 2.5 Ft.) via the use of shelves (remember to purchase with shelves included) with enough to room to store a few long handle implements at the same time.


  • 32-1/4″ width X 26-1/2″ depth X 70-1/2″ height
  • Store long handled tools
  • 20 Cu. Ft.
  • Multi-wall resin panels are engineered for strength and stability
  • Wood grain texture of shed creates an earthy tone
  • All-weather construction
  • Water resistance
  • UV protection
  • Padlock hasp allows doors to lock and protect valuables

This is another great option for avid gardeners who don’t only want storage space but also organizational space.

It’s also light enough to move around from time to time if you need storage that follows you around the yard.

What People Say

Most people loved the fact that it is extremely tough and durable and stands up to some rough usage without wearing and tearing significantly. A lot of reviewers were also pleased that it fitted well into the limited space they had. Quick and easy assembly is also common praise for this particular shed.

That’s our round up of the best 10 outdoor storage sheds to help you both store and organize a wide range of stuff, from tools and equipment to bikes, lawn mowers and just about anything in between.

Hopefully it’s helped you decide on the right one to suit your budget and space requirements.

Remember to ensure you find out if there are any HOA (Home Owner Association) rules and regulations regarding height, color and size of sheds allowed before making a purchase.